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Rocket Stoves: Clean Cooking, Clean Environment


Fire is something that has meant life for so many people throughout history. It’s used to produce light, heat, and most especially to cook food and heat water. It still sustains life for so many people, including those in Malawi. Due to the importance of fire, there needed to be a way to efficiently use it. Introducing, the rocket stove.

Why Rocket Stoves?

Rocket stoves are able to produce a nearly complete combustion, meaning that most of the chemical compounds are burned instead of being turned into smoke or soot. This provides a much cleaner and healthier environment, and burns hotter quicker. There’s no smoke, which makes it ideal for the school they’re used in.

What also makes them ideal is how affordable and easy they are to make. There are also many different types of materials that can be used to make the stoves. This makes them very accessible and ideal, especially for countries like Malawi.

Other Benefits

There are even more benefits to having rocket stoves that go beyond those that are observable. For example, the majority of fires in Malawi are open flame, producing 80% more carbon monoxide emissions than a rocket stove and Malawi is facing deforestation problems. These are the reasons rocket stoves are ideal, as they take less fuel to burn hotter and cleaner fires. Because of the introduction of rocket stoves, Malawi has an opportunity to be more energy efficient and environmentally clean.

Seibo School Stoves

The Best Choice

The benefits that these rocket stoves bring are what makes them the best choice for Malawi in it’s currently state. Nobody knows exactly what the future looks like for Malawi, but if we continue to help provide these benefits for the people, the future is bright!

If you would like to help, consider donating to Seibo, so we can keep providing essentials, such as rocket stoves to help cook the food for these children we care so much about! Zikomo Kwambiri!

This article was written by Tanner Goodwin, an intern at Seibo Japan

せいぼ活動報告 07-09.2019



せいぼ活動報告 07-09/2019

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アイビー・カンゴラ(Ivy Kangola)さん が所有するグレマ(Grema)保育所で、ロケットストーブを用いた学校給食づくりの実演が開始され、食前に12人の子どもの身体測定も行われました。

  • サミラ(Samirah)保育所の園長は、以前セイボの提携校のフォーカス(Focus)保育園にお勤めされていた為、給食づくりの実演なしでも、しっかりとした給食提供ができました。
  • バイオレット・チェザ(Violet Cheza)さんが所有するリトルビー保育園(Little Bee)は、9月4日に学校給食を開始。20人の子どもたちが出席し、給食の前には子どもたちの体重測定も行われました。
  • マーシー・ムホンデさん(Mercy Mphonde)のティナーシェ(Tinashe)保育園は、9月4日にせいぼによって設立されました。給食づくりのワークショップには、12人の子どもたちが出席し、体重測定も行われました。
  • ジュディス・チンセワさん(Judith Chinsewa)が所有するティブウィラーン(Tivwirane)保育所は、3人の子供たちに対して、9月5日に学校給食を開始しました。
  • カシム・ビナーリさん(Cassim Binali)が所有するフェイス・ディーン(Faithu Deen)保育園は、9月5日に学校給食を開始しました。 給食づくりの実演前に10人の体重を測定しました。
ケンスチール(Ken Steel)によって行われ、
ピーター・ンカタ(Peter Nkata)から、

また、ビジー・ビーズ(Bizzy Beez)保育所の園長から

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Seibo Activity Report: July – September 2019

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Seibo Activity Report: July-Sept 2019

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Dear Seibo Supporters,
The summer has come & gone in Malawi and a new school year has started. As we all know an education is the most powerful weapon to change our world. Thanks to you our donors almost 15,000 learners across Malawi can attend school in the knowledge that they will learn but also receive a hot meal. What follows is a short summary of our last 3 months activities. 
6 New Nursery Partnerships

Seibo partnered with 6 more, privately owned, nurseries and launched feeding in early September

  • Grema nursery, owned by Ivy Kangola, began feeding with a demonstration of how to cook the school meal using a rocket stove. Before starting feeding, the weight and height of the children was recorded- 12 children were present.
  • Samirah nursery’s director previously  worked with Focus nursery, a school already in partnership with Seibo, so there was no need for a demonstration. 
  • Little Bee nursery, owned by Violet Cheza, began school feeding on Sept. 4th. 20 children were present, and the weighing of the children was carried out before a food cooking demonstration.
  • Tinashe nursery, owned by Mercy Mphonde, was launched by the Seibo team on Sept. 4th. 12 children were present, and the weighing of the children carried out before a food cooking demonstration.
  • Tivwirane nursery, owned by Judith Chinsewa, began school feeding on Sep 5th with 3 children present.
  • Faithu Deen nursery, owned by Cassim Binali, began school feeding on Sept. 5th. 10 children were present at the launch & weighed before the cooking demonstration.
Rocket Stove Maintenance
        The rocket stoves in use at local nurseries since 2016 underwent routine maintenance in late August. The maintenance work was carried out by Ken Steel- the supplier of the stoves. The resulting work will extend the longevity of the stoves which are put to great use on a daily basis.
Care Packages for 23 Beneficiaries
       Seibo received a generous donation from Mr. Peter Nkata, Managing Director of Beehive, to the sum of MWK 738,000.  Theses funds were used to conduct parental forums benefiting Seibo sponsored children & to purchase items for care packs to be given to those beneficiaries. The packs consisted of: 8kgs Maize flour, a pack of Sugar, 3 bars of bath soap, 10 bars of washing soap, a bottle of Vaseline blue seal & a bucket.
Nursery Directors Meeting

Seibo continues to conduct meetings with nursery school directors to ensure successful partnerships. On July 26th a meeting was held for which the agenda focused on gathering feedback from each partner nursery on how to improve meals & processes.
While there will always be challenges they are minimal in comparison to previous meetings. The director of Bizzy Beez nursery school thanked Seibo for their ongoing support & help.

Monthly Milestones
Additional 6 Nursery Schools added to the School Feeding Program
Rocket stoves maintenance project
Donation received from Beehive Director, Mr. Peter Nkata in Malawi funds care packs for needy families
Seibo Nursery Directors Meeting
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“Seibo was interesting to me when I heard about it. It is being welcomed very much by the community in Mzimba… I was interested to assist Seibo in its actions as it will have a lot of positive impacts for the health, as well as education, of the children. I think it is a great way to encourage learning. The children will work hard in school if they have eaten a good meal.”

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