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Seibo Activity Report: July 2016
Seibo July Supporter Newsletter
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Dear Seibo Supporters,
Welcome to the 5th Seibo Activity Report showing exactly how your donations are spent and the difference being made to young lives in Malawi through the provision of school feeding.
Following is a summary of Seibo’s operations in July- a month in which the scale of the challenges facing Malawi became clear and a month in which our partners in Malawi announced the real need to feed at least 10,000 children within this year. It’s a huge challenge for which we will need all your help and support.
Nursery School Updates:
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A Pause for Evaluation
Seibo paused its expansion to the nurseries in Chilomoni in the month of July. Operations to add a new 6 nursery schools to the existing 34 will go ahead in August- funding permitting. Meanwhile, a huge Seibo nursery partner meeting was held on 1st July to clarify Seibo’s activities in the southern and northern regions of Malawi, and to share and gather information to inform the direction of future growth.
The partner meeting allowed the Seibo Team in Malawi to share the overview of Seibo’s activities in Malawi whilst also affording an opportunity to provide valuable information on hygiene & food storage issues which had been requested by our local partners.
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Meet Bertha Mandevu!
A New Seibo Kid 
Attending Watipa Nursery
1.5 years of age!
Month Weight Height MUAC
July 2016 10.1kg 76.3cm 14.8cm
Primary School New Addition
Kabuku Primary School
Kazomba School became a Seibo school in April when Seibo took over from JOCA’s and the Kabuku school is several kms to the east. Kabuku Primary School previously served as Kazomba School’s ‘control’ school for comparative data purposes.
For several years the Principal of Kabuku provided data pertaining to his students for no reward- a true example of the “Warm Heart of Africa”. However hunger was an issue and in preparation for future feeding the school built a kitchen in hope. On the 11th of July on your behalf we delivered the following to the Kabuku school transforming the hopes of the teachers and students into reality;

2 x 120L Rocket Stoves
2 Basins
417 Cups
4 Serving Mugs
3 Water Buckets
3 Buckets with Lids
2 Cooking Sticks
40 KG of Likuni Phala

A small ceremony took place at the school following a demonstration on how to use the Rocket Stoves to the volunteer cooks, 
While the cooks cooked the likuni phala in the kitchen shelter erected by the community at the beginning of July the community sang and everyone welcomed the programme.
“We should go to school to have porridge; there will be no hunger here. Thank you Seibo.”
Monthly Milestones
Seibo launched at Kabuku Primary School on 12th July adding an additional 363 children on top of the 819 children at the neighbouring Kazomba Primary School.
In month 5, your donations enabled us to feed over 1,300 under-6 year olds in the south of Malawi, and 1,182 children in primary schools in north Malawi.
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“There is no such thing as free lunch. Your initiative is not for Seibo but for the children.”
Mrs. Sawako Nevin, Seibo Director
The sustainability of the programme in Mzimba depends on community effort. Seibo has given community members the opportunity to participate in the running of the feeding programme to increase the probability of success.
The Names of the 12 Schools in the “Kaphuta Zone” are;
  1. Kazomba
  1. Kabuku
  1. Matewu
  1. Cham’ngulube
  1. Chabele
  1. Machelechete
  1. Kanyerere
  1. Davy
  1. St Paul’s
  1. Mzimba LEA
  1. Kaphuta LEA
  1. Kazengo LEA
– Fiskani Mbale
A Japan- Malawi Community Effort!
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As Seibo Director Sawako Nevin, pictured above, said at the recent ceremony- “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. In truth the Kabuku school built their own shelter and the school management committee ensure each village surrounding the school contribute 1 ox-cart of firewood and a bag of maize each month. In addition two volunteers are assigned every day to cook the meal of “likuni phala”.
While the community in Mzimba is wholly participatory in the Seibo Programme more needs to be done to ensure a weather-proof kitchen is in place to ensure year-round school feeding.
Seibo aims to work with the community to enable the building of a brick shelter to replace the current temporary shelter at Kabuku school and the other new schools to be added to the feeding programme in 2016. A kitchen shelter for a school the size of Kabuku will cost just over Malawian Kwacha 300,000 or over USD 4,000.
With your help we plan to continue providing a lifeline to the children who attend school in this zone/area. Making plans is not without risk but with your help we plan to add 2 more schools in September, 3 in October and 3 in November with the final 2 schools to be added in December. Donations are vital.
“Seibo will help in reducing hunger in children living in poverty, increasing access in primary education, improving the health of children as well as improving community involvement in school meals implementation thereby promoting ownership of the program.
In addition, the meals received at school also help to improve their nutritional status, promote physical growth and cognitive development which are crucial in the development of a productive workforce that the country needs for its development.”
Ministry of Education. Mr Saka
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