Mar-April 2017 Newsletter
Imagining the Year 2020
Malawi News
We can change Malawi's direction- make 2020 a bright future


Seibo Activity Mar-April 
14,000 Kids Attending School & Receiving a Hot Meal- Thank you


Unlimited Love for Malawi 
A SIM Card for Visitors to Japan to change our world
Malawi News
Since morning you have probably received several urgent e-mails, made important plans, shopped for important items. Sometimes modern society seems like an elaborate conspiracy to keep us all alike. 
By 2040 the number of people living in extreme poverty in southern Africa will worsen, where the majority – 45 %- will be concentrated in Malawi and Madagascar. In Malawi alone in 2020 an estimated 9.5 million people will live in poverty. We should probably care. Here in Japan plans are in place for an event that is estimated to cost 26 billion dollars in 2020.
The children of Malawi don’t have a marketing budget or a nice logo and they won’t be sending you any e-mails urging you to help. They will simply have to wait until someone notices.
By supporting Seibo you can help provide a better future for all.


Seibo Activity Report: March- April 2017
The latest report from Malawi for March & April shows that your donations continue to feed over 14,000 children daily- a total of 1,670 nursery school kids & 12,663 primary school children.

In addition we have been able to provide Early-year Childcare Training to several of the nursery school owners and to assist our efforts in the north of the country we have received office space- as a donation from the District Education Officer responsible for the Kaphuta Zone, Malawi.

Challenges remain and in this period 4 x nurseries closed as nursery owners decided to pursue different careers and we have re-allocated sponsored kids to nearby nurseries as well as adding 4 x new replacement nurseries.

In other news we continue to provide school uniforms to the most needy children who are being sponsored by Seibo and in this period 42 Seibo Kids received newly tailored uniforms helping them better adapt to their new school surroundings.

Your help as ever is greatly appreciated.
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Malawi Updates
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