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Seibo Activity Report
Jan-March 2018
Dear Seibo Supporters,
At the end of last year following an emotional request from our partners in Malawi you helped us dig a well to ensure the children of Tawina nursery had fresh water all year-round. Your kindness extended to completely rebuilding a new toilet block and refurbishing the nursery building. Seibo continue to feed the children daily but with fresh water and a vastly improved environment. Thanks to you the Tawina kids and many other communities have a much brighter future!
Nursery School Updates:
The Tale of Tawina
Many years ago the nursery school of Tawina started life as a small muddy structure thatched with grass. A concerned parent introduced the community to a local businessman-Mr. Vikesh Vanzara- who with the help of family & friends built Tawina into a brick structure with iron sheets. On the 16th of February this year Tawina took a huge step forward and now has a completely refurbished building with doors, windows, plastered walls and a safe & sanitary toilet- not to mention a year-round freshwater well. And- you are part of that story now. Thank you for your enduring support!
A Malawian Response to Your Kindness

Having witnessed the kindness of complete strangers in Japan the Seibo team in Malawi challenged their friends & co-workers to do more for their own communities. The response? 5 rural nurseries (CBCCs) in various states of repair were re-built or given plastic sheeting to replace their leaking grass roofs. Your donations & support have created an environment for kindness. We at Seibo & 5 x beneficiaries nurseries of Mwayi, Makapwa, Tikondane, Misuku and Chisomo CBCCs are grateful for this support.
2018 Jan-March Milestones
Seibo feeds 14,434 children a hot meal daily
In nursery schools in Chilomoni district in Southern Malawi we feed 1,547 kids
In the Mzimba District in Northern Malawi we feed 12,887 primary school students of which 5,584 are girls.
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Voices of Malawi
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“Senior Chief Kuntaja commended Seibo for the support that it has rendered to his community. He asked God to bless Seibo. He also urged the community to work together in unity to mould more bricks to build a standard 1 classroom to minimize the distance that children walk to the nearest primary school.”
“Mr Vanzara Vikesh was impressed with how far the school had come from where he stopped. He was happy that in the end Tawina Cbcc stood strong and full of hope for the children of the community. He had been worried that he could not do anything more but God had other plans for Tawina. He urged the community to join hands in proper utilization of the donations. He commended Seibo for the amazing work it is doing securing the future for Tawina’s children”
– Fiskani Mbale
Seibo in Mzimba (Northern Malawi)- an Update
So far in 2018 our partners in Seibo Malawi are reporting that volunteer participation has improved and the challenges at Davy, Macherecheta & Kazengo Primary schools are now a thing of the past. In addition we can report that the Kaphuta primary school now has its own community-built storeroom for the safe-keeping of the “Phala” (food!) provided by your donations through Seibo.

Seasonal Challenges
The heavy rains in the last months have damaged roads & swollen rivers and this has affected our monitoring activities & food delivery schedules. We will continue to seek solutions and meet these challenges. You have helped us achieve a lot in Malawi- Thank YOU!

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